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Blue Cat and Sound Radix release a bundle

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Blue Cat Audio PatchWork + 32 Lives Bundle
News Blue Cat Audio PatchWork + 32 Lives Bundle

Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Blue Cat Audio

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Public price: $129
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Blue Cat Audio and Sound Radix partnered to offer a bundle that will help you use your 32-bit plug-ins in your 64-bit DAW.

The Blue Cat’s PatchWork plug-in host and Sound Radix’ 32 Lives plug-in wrapper allow you to use your 32 and 64-bit VST and AU plug-ins and process your tracks within a single plug-in in Pro Tools 11, Logic X, Cubase or any 64-bit DAW.

The bundle will also allow you to save full virtual channel strips with your effects and instruments.

Available features:

  • Up to 64 third-party plug-ins or virtual instruments in a rack, with series or parallel setup
  • Up to 8 “pre” or “post” slots to chain your plug-ins in series or parallel
  • Up to 8 parallel plug-in chains, with phase shift, solo and gain controls
  • Up to 8 parallel virtual instruments with mixing
  • Global dry/wet mix control
  • Plug-in setting mapping for automation and use with a control surface 
  • Plug-in MIDI routing
  • Pre and Post-gain with chaining for automatic compensation of the gain
  • Cut, copy and paste plug-ins with their settings between slots
  • One-click recall of complex setting and share between DAWs
  • Input and output level monitoring
  • Plug-in latency compensation
  • VST Shell support
  • Undo/Redo
  • Customizable user interface

The PatchWork + 32 Lives bundle is available for 99€ excl. taxes, it would cost you 136€ if you bought both plug-ins separately. You can purchase it at www.bluecataudio.com and www.soundradix.com.

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