Nomad Factory BBE Sound Sonic Sweet
Nomad Factory BBE Sound Sonic Sweet

BBE Sound Sonic Sweet, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Nomad Factory.

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sw80 10/26/2012

Nomad Factory BBE Sound Sonic Sweet : sw80's user review

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The BBE Sonic Sweet has been a part of my set up since 2010, it can be used as a VST with either Windows or MAC computers. It is a maximizer plug-in suite that has some audio enhancement plug-ins. It is very affordable costing less than 100 dollars and it is something that any engineer needs to have.


Installing it was quick and easy, it only takes a few minutes and it is very light on your CPU. I have run this over 5 times simultaneously and still have not had a issue with it freezing or crashing. I compare the BBE Sonic Sweet to Waves plug-ins a lot because they give you a similar sound. That is sort of the reason why I am not happy that I purchased the BBE Sonic Sweet, it is so much like the Waves plug-in bundle that I feel like I wasted my money. It was a good thing it was only 100 dollars.


I love using the BBE Sonic Sweet on my drum tracks though, if you need to get your snares and kicks to cut through your mix and have some pop to them then the BBE Sonic Sweet will take care of that easily with just a preset you will notice how much of a difference it makes. I sometimes have difficulty getting my snares to pop and cut through the mix but the Sonic Sweet does it for me now.

If you really spend the time to understand the BBE Sonic Sweet you will be able to get great sounds with it. It won’t happen quickly and it will take some experimenting but once you get it down you can find some things that you will love and find yourself using very often in a lot of your tracks. This is one of those programs that every time you use it you will fall more in love with it.