Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack
Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack

Integral Studio Pack, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Nomad Factory.

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moosers 02/07/2011

Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack : moosers's user review


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The Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack is a bundle of plug-ins that includes 48 processors in total. The plug-in bundle is a great way to get most of what Nomad has to offer at a very good price per plug-in. The smaller bundles are good deals as well, but this includes a lot of these smaller bundles and it's definitely a considerable savings if you get this pack. Included in the Integral Studio Pack are the following bundles: Analog Mastering Tools, Analog Signature Pack, Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack, Effects Pack, and Equalizers pack, as well as the Analog Track Box plug-in, the Essential Studio Suite bundle, the Liquid Bundle II, Motown Retro Bundle, the British Bundle, Pulsetec EQ's, All-Tech EQ plug-in, the BlueVerb plug-in, and the Rock Amp Legends plugs. As anyone can tell, this is quite an array of plug-ins and is most of what Nomad has to offer. The studio I work at has this bundle and I use plug-in from it all the time...


We're running the Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack on all of our systems at the professional studio complex where I work. All of our rooms are Pro Tools HD based, and while most of these plug-ins don't take up much processing power anyway, our systems handle them without issues at all. I believe most of these would run well in LE systems as well, but it's on a system by system and plug-in by plug-in basis since there are so many of them in here.


The Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack is some of the best bang for your buck that you'll find when it comes to plug-in bundles. While these plug-ins aren't of the quality that you'll get with Waves plug-ins, the prices aren't even comparable. You can get the Integral Studio Pack for just around $1,200 US dollars, and when you look at the full list of plug-ins and bundles that you get with it, you can see it's well worth it if you're looking for a ton of plug-ins for a small price. Each of the bundles included in here have a lot of plug-ins in them, with the bundle having 48 plug-ins in total! The Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack is the cheapest way you can add this many quality plug-ins to your DAW...