Waves Renaissance Maxx
Waves Renaissance Maxx

Renaissance Maxx, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Waves in the Renaissance series.

webstersays 08/18/2008

Waves Renaissance Maxx : webstersays's user review


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This installed without any problems for me. Waves is pretty good about having easy clear installation and setup. I didn't have any compatibility issues. The configuration is all automatic to your system. The manuals are fairly in-depth and set up in an entertaining way, I have never seen a manual with such a sense of humor. Apart from that, they are clear and easy to understand.


I have a Dell computer with an Intel processor, 2GB of ram, and windows XP with Cubase. It works great in this format. Waves has VST versions of their plug-ins, so us PC users can enjoy them as well. Waves plugs are rather CPU intensive, so you should have a fast computer if you want to use these a lot. On my computer with a dual core intel, I can multiple instances of these without too much trouble. They have bugs now and then, but overall I would say this software is pretty stable.


I have been using this for over a year now. A lot of studios I had recorded in used waves for a lot of functions, and when I started making a home studio I thought this would be a good investment for a starting toolbox. It definitely was - these are really high end plugs. The compressor is really versatile and easy to set up, while sounding fantastic. The automatic release control it has is great. Another of my favorite plugs is the RBass one. I put this on almost all of the kick drums and sometimes bass guitar. It really helps to make them sound huge, the difference is almost funny. The EQ you get is very smooth and easy to get up and running quickly with its target dragging interface. The RVerb sounds great nad is very versatile, you can get anything from plates to springs to giant churches, all with editable parameters.I have used a lot of different plugins, and these are some of the best I've encountered. They also give you stereo and mono versions of each one to cut down on CPU usage, which is a nice touch. Waves is expensive, but if you pay for the best you get the best. To me, it's totally worth it. I would definitely get it again.