Carl Martin Plexi Tone
Carl Martin Plexi Tone
laulec 02/14/2014

Carl Martin Plexi Tone : laulec's user review

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I used the Standard with nearly 22, a strat US in a fender hot rod
I had had a first that I plugged into a blues junior c was already very well but its not quite round on stage
I imagine not even in a twin reverb!


taking obvious hand
no prog


in hotrod j therefore have a clear sound (a real one!), clear + boost, a crunch, crunch + boost, a distortion, a distortion + boost
it's been already 6 channels and more quality is amazing
I've had amps and distortion pedals but the frankly say: the Plexitone is a hard drug.
c is a resumé of 70 years has nowadays pink floyd has anthrax or metallica
fans of acdc or red hot will find the priceless treasure. ca really, one has the impression of being pushed to marshall
I mean of course the fender that has a very good sound clear and thus magnifies the sound.
the only slight defect that is attributed to him in the general c is very acute presents but it's not true with the hot rod which is very round and can accept that we lower his (acute)


I have a powerball with our cabinet and next to v30 for some other more modern metal things
but frankly I rest knee before this pedal plugged into a hotrod that's a start amp range.
c is very musical actually
manufacturing quality is huge, unbreakable
a great value for the future is certain c.
are things that it's hard to explain eh! ca buy eyes closed!
has put in all your pedalboard rather than buying pedals that are worth a crazy price with a single sound (Full. ..)