Carl Martin Plexi Tone
Carl Martin Plexi Tone
nickname009 05/17/2011

Carl Martin Plexi Tone : nickname009's user review

« the only ACTUAL plexi in a box!! »

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12VAC Power with hardwired power cable
3 Modes: Boost, High Gain, Crunch
Settings: Boost knob, Level Knob, Tone, High Gain, and Crunch.
Switches: Boost, Select, Drive

This is basically a distortion/high gain pedal geared towards a vintage marshall plexi-like tone with an additional boost, analog design and very very cool and usable features.


This is very easy to use, most pedals usually are unless they're of the new digital programmable types with many different features etc. The boost is controlled by it's own self-titled knob, same with the high gain and crunch modes. The tone is universal and the level is an overall level shared by the two high gain and crunch modes.

Both crunch and high gain modes are seperate, meaning they cannot be used together, however the boost mode can be engaged with either modes.

The drive switch is the bypass/select switch, which enables the pedal to turn on or off. The select switch is used to switch between crunch mode and high gain mode. While the boost switch is to enable the boost feature.



This is the best part! This is one of the rare pedals that actually SOUND like like an amp. Yes I know, a lot of effects manufacturers have advertised this with nearly every single pedal they offer. But I'm telling you, this one is NOT faking it! It faithfully reproduces what I recall a vintage high gain marshall to sound like, it has bite, clarity and is still thick. There's also a slight bit of what I like to call 'twang' that is inherent in plexis.

It even has the noise that comes with boosted/cranked plexis, which is a bit of an annoyance but can be tamed depending on how you use it. The gain is very nice, it can be cranked full out and it won't get muddy, rather it will just get more and more aggressive and add noise (which is normal). I've plugged this pedal in a VHT pitbull head with a deliverance cab, as well as a koch studiotone combo and even a hot rod deluxe and blues junior. The tone of this pedal, stays true within all these amps and is great! The tone knob needs to be adjusted according to each amp you play through of course.

The boost function is also great, though it's more of a clean boost adding more volume it also adds allows more harmonic content to come out.

I've even hooked this up to a fender 25 watt solidstate amp and got it sounding pretty decent, with the tone nearly rolled to 0 since the SS amp was so brittle sounding.


GREAT pedal! Nails the marshall plexi sound right on the button! The boost addition is great for clean boosts or adding a different texture to the other modes. The overall sound is great, wide open and present. Very amp-like and clear!

I've recently heard Pete Thorn has a very nice youtube review of this pedal. So you can hear great ways of using this pedal and how it sounds. This is one of those pedals I would use if I were stuck with some clean tube amp as it sounds best through a tube amp and not so much a solidstate amp. But it's now one of my go-to pedals for high gain marshall sounds! This is a keeper, definitely!