MXR M151 DoubleShot Distortion
MXR M151 DoubleShot Distortion
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tiep 06/22/2007

MXR M151 DoubleShot Distortion : tiep's user review


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Distortion pedal 2 channels, 2 independent EQ, a boost for each of mediums cannal
18 v power supply included


Attention to find a good sound can be time consuming, as the equalization is effective!
otherwise, of any good c


1-channel: dimmebag big sound, but not only
it can boost the mids, making the sound very sharp, or quite wrapped
can also contain a sound close to the distortion +, that is almost low
attention, for maximum performance, and especially for being quite metal, use microphones to high-output (seymour sh4 or tone zone: minimum required)
I use it with a guitar fitted with HS6 and another rise in sh4
mics of my industrial vigier are very skinny side
2-channel: Oulala
where to start ....
cannal monster !!!!!
the first time I connected, I thought my turn 30 in classic marshall !!!!! (Gain at 1 / 3)
pushing the gain was a very very nice fuzz ...
however, take time to fully paufiner the settings ...


For those looking for the big metal, it is imperative to have microphones with high output level of palm mutes for which crunchent
Recently tested with EMG 81, I must say that this is something, anything a little synthetic and sharp
But it's still fine with the grain always very special
In all cases, the value for money is terrible
A very good pedal, but that will not suit all
MAJ bought, sold and bought ... ... € 110 knew thomann
for that price, it's worth the shot altogether, especially for the crunch channel