Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion
Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion

Silver Dragon Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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macmaf 06/29/2012

Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion : macmaf's user review

«  Groosse distortion. »

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Big boîboîte aluminum dark gray Metallic with black plastic buttons 6 (type chicken head), two crappy switch (od and distortion), and a strengthened Chinese bulb LED (so that one has the impression that illuminates for real, its level you can imagine that it is useless ... or: it is better suckered the "musicians" who appreciate her with their eyes).

Brief. It looks like a distortion pedal. It is to be mistaken.
So 10/10 for perfect resemblance to a pedal-type effect OD / Disto, but -2 for the led to pigeons, and still -2 for switches that have dropped me and I need to change. So: 10 - 2 - 2 x AF / statement = Correct (6)


It's simple: there's buttons, they must turn and listen to what it produces on its ...
I have not read the manual ...
The potos are not there to decorate, the sound is actually changed once they are moved. This gives a wide variety of sound: light overdrive to screaming distortion very dirty or dark.


I was looking for a distortion with lots of gain (really), and sufficient accuracy for its "lead", the overdrive was the gift Bonux, I've never wanted a special but now I find very useful able to juggle between the two.
This is a distortion that suits me (I have not tried everything, I'm a fan of "démerdes you with what you did").
The popping sound is precise enough for solos that I do. There is a good dynamics and harmonics out very well.
I use it on a Fender tube amp, a Strat and a super strat style hotrod 80's (designed for the game and nothing else, it buries all the luxurious guitars I've tried ...)

I recommend using it with an equalizer and a compressor, because they add the possibility of mods almost indispensable.


I play for 20 years, I have tried many many things. I went through all stages of the guitar addict: "I buy because it's beautiful," "I buy because it's brand", "I buy because my idol is used" ... : D Anyway.
Today, I'm gone. I will start on AudioFanzine lol

And what I say: Good distortion pedal in big win. Gain a very typical course that can become "too much" if you do not take the time to turn his potos to refine the resulting sound. If you want the Mesa, it does not. Follow this advice from "old" put at least an equalizer for "shaping" your distortion, regardless of the pedal used ...
For those seeking a small disto nice, it's not for you, you'll find that too messy. And for those seeking the distortion of Doe's latest album is not for you non-plus. Typed too. It is geared for those who want to have the same color of his that everybody while having a big win that allows him to play metal and hard as well as lead to riff.

Outside switches anemic, I am satisfied.

PS: the lamp is original. I have not tried with the EH 12 AX7. Should I try, but hey, I expect not a sound revolution. I think we give too much importance to the material while the sound is first your hands ...