Zvex Box of Metal Vexter
Zvex Box of Metal Vexter
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Zvex Box of Metal Vexter : Anonymous 's user review

" box of correct"

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Analog distortion pedal, in, out, alim9v standard volume, bass, treble, mid, gain and gate, switch on / off switch gate, full, but despite the small size of Zvex, the provision of connectivity is that it take more space in a pedalboard lets do it
ah yes true bypass


bin is very simple to settle for quicquonque had this kind of pedal, buy OCCAZ g was no manual and really do not need, we turn we find very easily good sound


simply the best distortion pedal ever tested, yet there was (all bosses, metal muff (the pedal "attack), T Rex Bloody Mary, digitech metal master, hardwire ml , mxr DoubleShot, Fullbore, Guyatone Metal Monster ...)
the sound is huge, and when the expected gain 12pm (and beyond) like below average
the thing is it sounds not like a pedal, it sounds distortion amp, it's not cold, it's also a little fatter, the pedal sounds dark, something correctable by increasing the acute, eq is rather effective, the gate is a model of the genre, perfectly neutral and silent
I use two Gibson Les Paul (premium plus DC and pro) on an old hot rod and turns the AC amplifier, which has a pretty rotten disto, I feel like being on a mesa boogie correct! !
Moreover, there is a demo on the internet zack vex: correct mesa vs. + fender twin box of metal, it is quite edifying, and for testing, I can guarantee it's not faking!!


I've had this morning, I tried a bunch of model before, and I regret having lost so much time (and money) with this ton of pedalle has not height, I love everything in this pedal, if the format n'sst Zvex finally is not very important because I have a big muff so ....
AC may parraitre expensive given the concurence (there are amp (small or medium transo lamp) for this price) but seriously a nice big amp lights, the sound difference is even greater ...
I believe that I finally found the high gain distortion pedal I expected