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Aciddose Xhip Effects Set

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    Aciddose Xhip Effects set

    Other software dynamics processor from Aciddose .

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    Aciddose has released the first third of his free Xhip effects set, containing upgrades of some of the existing effects and some new ones.


    They are available for Windows as VST effect plug-ins.


    This release includes: Clipper, Compressor, Gate, Limiter, Modulated Delay, Phaser, Quantizer, Reverb, Ringmod and Tremolo. More effects are expected to be released in the near future including distortions, sequencers, filters, eq, stereo processors and more.


    The Xhip Effects plug-ins were originally created for use with the Xhip synthesizer plug-in. Xhip was to have embedded effects, but it was decided that external plug-ins would be more versatile and easier to manage when used for other tasks.


    The clipper hard-clips the input signal at the defined threshold and then applies a gain afterwards.


    The compressor is designed to loosely model a circuit Aciddose designed himself. It's a simple guitar-pedal insert compressor, or what you might find in a channel-strip. It isn't a limiter, so it isn't designed to have instant response, look-ahead, low distortion or any of that stuff.


    The gate can be used to selectively output different sections of audio based upon dynamic content. The most obvious use is to remove noise when no other signal is present. It shows its full potential when applied to rhythmic content, according to the company.


    Counterpart to the compressor; this one is designed for maximal sustain and minimal distortion. It aims to be as transparent as possible in terms of timbre.


    mdelay stands for "modulated delay". This effect is a dual-delay configured as stereo with a cross-delay switch. It has a shapeable LFO and can be used to create anything from flangers and chorus to ordinary delays and strange detuned echoes all the way up to weird pitch modulation effects.


    Another standard effect with a catch. This phaser doubles as a chorus effect because it allows you to use up to 128 stages. For chorus, set the "min" and "max" parameters at around 75%. It can even be used as a frequency-dependent delay with times around 50ms for 50hz with the "min" parameter set at 5% and "max" at 0%.


    A combination of a time axis and amplitude axis quantization, with dither applied to both axes. The time axis dither is called "jitter", although this isn't completely accurate. It's actually similar to if you modulated the clock signal for an analog sample & hold by noise.


    The fourth generation of the Aciddose reverb. In this version both modes are implemented - so you can get sounds similar to the first and second generation using mode one, and the third generation using mode two. It is not very tweakable if you don't know what you're doing - but if you stick to the obvious controls (mix, size, feedback, lowpass, highpass) you should be safe with the defaults.


    A standard ringmod, this is like the tremolo, but it has 2x oversample and ring modulates if you use a depth greater than 50%. Less than 50% is amplitude modulation.


    This is a standard tremolo with the addition of two features. One is that it has phase adjustment for the LFO, allowing it to work as an auto-panner. Second is that the waveform is shapeable between pulse-like, linear and saturated which produce different characters mimicking various old tremolo effects.

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