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Kush UBK-1 in AU Format

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Kush Audio UBK-1
News Kush Audio UBK-1

Other software dynamics processor from Kush Audio

Public price: $299 incl. VAT

Kush Audio has announced it is now shipping the AU version of UBK-1, a three-stage dynamics processor.

It features simultaneous serial and parallel audio paths designed to offer control over a sound’s shape, tone, and harmonic character.


The processor has three engines – Saturation, Compression, and Density. Five compressor curves are provided, based on the UBK FATSO hardware. A high pass (HP) sidechain filter with a frequency sweep is designed to allow for unorthodox shapes of compression. Two “Tele” style rockers control the wet/dry Mixes, and feature several preset positions as well as variable operation. A Headroom control is designed to simultaneously adjust the intensity of all three engines without affecting the dynamic interactions between them. At the end of the chain, the Density engine adds an additional frequency-selective compressor/harmonic saturator, with a switch for targeting the mids or highs.


Pricing & Availability

UBK-1 costs $299 but is currently available for the half price introductory offer of $149.


Mac OS X AU and RTAS formats are available now with VST for both Mac OS X and Windows expected to be released in the forthcoming weeks (and AAX following immediately thereafter).

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