SSL LMC-1 [Freeware]
SSL LMC-1 [Freeware]
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yoyo92 02/09/2009

SSL LMC-1 [Freeware] : yoyo92's user review


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Archi simple, is a free download on the music part of the SSL site, bottom left (it seems to me that we must create an account anyway)
Installation 2 / 2 (PC with Cubase and Wavelab)


First of all, some background: this compressor LMC has a history. It was originally installed on the track "talkback" the big SSL. This is a compressor rather violent since its goal is to hear the sondier example drummer behind his drums to a few meters from the talkback microphone without the voice of grateux / singer who is next to the microphone does explode the peak- meter.
It turns out that recording session with Genesis, Hugh Pagdam discovered the value of this gear on one battery when Phil Collins started banging on his drums while the way was open Talkback. Like what, sometimes a stroke of luck ...
For cons, the bandwidth is limited (to the ear, with a ladle: 400-5000 Hz).
It should actually use this compressor on a track on the FX auxiliary battery, and it took me a while to understand it.
The result of a battery bus is rather dramatic, we win the air is awesome.
I put 9 / 10 because the operation was not very conventional.


Once we got it how it works, it will be difficult to pass ... Thank you to have SSL plug-inis a tool of this quality!