TbT Audio TLs Saturated Driver [Freeware]
TbT Audio TLs Saturated Driver [Freeware]

TLs Saturated Driver [Freeware], Other software dynamics processor from TbT Audio.

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v:lecs 08/03/2006

TbT Audio TLs Saturated Driver [Freeware] : v:lecs's user review


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Indeed, it is trs simple: APRS dzipp have downloaded and you install the. Dll file in the directory squenceur vst's favorite, nothing more.
Maximum score!
There is no manual but the few explanations on the site are sufficient, when ds is known what use is this kind of effect. The attached file "Readme" recalls the features of the device and adds that it is usable on both drum loops or guitar, and the master.


With a Compaq Presario 2100 and 512 MB of Ram, Cubase SE3 is stable and the plug does not consume resources gure.


I use it for today. The enthusiasm pushes me posting this notice, which I will if I must Saturated Driver (a m'tonnerait).
I was looking for a compressor for my rhythm for a long time because if the dj MasterComp Reason suited me, I needed one to open in Cubase, I'm not convinced by the t Kjaerhus Classic Compressor, nor GeneComp of the Buzzroom, nor even by the Blockfish (despite the unanimous opinion) and I did not understand some russi paramtres of MjCompressor (yet loved by those who use it).
Finally, it is perfect for me.