Universal Audio Neve 33609
Universal Audio Neve 33609

Neve 33609, Other software dynamics processor from Universal Audio in the UAD Plug-In series.

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itchounet 04/18/2009

Universal Audio Neve 33609 : itchounet's user review


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The install is nickel, has no problem with my signpost UAD-1! It is fast and efficient!


The plug runs perfectly, do not crash in Nuendo 3, however, it is quite CPU intensive attention! FYI, 4 times that plug into a UAD-1 and c is the overload!


A plug really terrible, a sound very close to the hardware version (that is to say the quality of compression). So my favorite soft compressor I think!
I love his sound design that faithfully reproduces the machine, its clean interface, presets really well done. I tried tons of compressors in the app before that (Waves, URS, Sonnox ...), I found that it really has its place among my top, and what is more versatile! Beware though, and I think that it was the default, you need a good DSP card to run it (UAD-2 advised in my opinion).