Universal Audio Neve 33609
Universal Audio Neve 33609

Neve 33609, Other software dynamics processor from Universal Audio in the UAD Plug-In series.

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loudfunk 02/28/2012

Universal Audio Neve 33609 : loudfunk's user review

« Super flexible compressor/limiter plug-in »

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Rock solid under either OSX or Windows.


Derived from the original Neve 2254 compressor, circa 1969, the 33609 stereo bus compressor/limiter utilizes a bridged-diode gain reduction circuit and many custom transformers. The uniquely musical character of this circuit made the 33609 a studio standard since its release. The UAD Neve 33609 is the only Neve-sanctioned software recreation of the Neve 33609 (revision C). Every detail of the original unit is captured, and matches its hardware counterpart with absolute precision. The 33609 plug-in includes a DSP-opti- mized 33609SE which allows for higher instance counts.
The completely step-controlled 33609 is made up of separate compression and limiter sections, each with their own threshold, recovery and bypass con- trols. Two of the recovery selections for each section are dedicated to a pro- gram dependent auto release. The compressor section also offers five ratio se- lections and 20 dB make-up gain, while the limiter offers a fast or slow attack. The mono/stereo switch couples and decouples the left and right gain reduc- tion elements.
The UAD Powered Plug-In version of the Neve 33609 adds a few control en- hancements not found on the hardware: An additional stepped output control with 20 dB of gain, a link switch allowing ganged left/right control of all pa- rameters, and a headroom switch, which allows the DAW user to take advan- tage of the full range of 33609 gain coloration.
The UAD Neve 33609 is a two-channel device capable of running in stereo or dual-mono modes. The active mode is determined by the mono/stereo switch.
The UAD Neve 33609 models all aspects including the desirable harmonic distortion more prominent at higher input levels