Voxengo Soniformer 3
Voxengo Soniformer 3

Soniformer 3, Other software dynamics processor from Voxengo.

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doc benway 09/11/2013

Voxengo Soniformer 3 : doc benway's user review

«  exellent, innovative, irreplaceable .. »

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yes, it's a plug-in installed, we saw others.


not too resource hungry.


compressor / expander multiband (32), dynamic equalizer, Esser, tape emulation, stereo spread ...
This is above all a very easy to use dynamic EQ and endless possibilities! On a master, three bass notes a little high, medium guitar too sometimes, the violin pat on the 2nd theme to 3kHz and charley tapping on the chorus? 2 minutes of adjustment and it's playing! Okay, I exaggerate, but it is a unique, effective tool, it does not destroy your sound and ca solves the problems like no other plug. No it is not just a multiband compressor, AC is in rule 2-2, with the treshold, ratio, att, rel and other adjustable parameters thanks to a curve that is drawn on the map of frequency!
I think it's easier to go to the site and download a demo if you ca speak:
and it costs not even one hundredth ...