ToneBoosters TB EZQ
ToneBoosters TB EZQ

TB EZQ, Other software EQ from ToneBoosters.

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Toneboosters 2.1 Released

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Toneboosters has announced that all its VST plugins have been updated to version 2.1.

This includes a new free plug-in, EZQ. Version 2.0, released a few weeks ago, also added a new plug-in called Module, which costs €5.00.

TB EZQ is an audio equalizer with adjective labels designed to optimize ease of use and workflow.


TB Module is a chorus, echo, phaser, tremolo, auto-pan, tape delay... a variety of modulation effects in a single processing framework.


Version 2.1:

  • All plugins: Minor GUI beautifications.
  • Gate:
    • Added new detection time parameter.
    • Added new parameter to set the gate-closed gain.
  • Module:
    • Fixed white space bug in preset names.
    • Extended number of available program slots.
  • EBU Loudness / EBU Compact:
    • Support of additional loudness standards (ITU-R 1770-1, ITU-R 1770-2).
    • Improved accuracy in inter-sample peak (ISP) detection.
  • Barricade: Improved accuracy in inter-sample peak (ISP) detection.
  • Reverb:
    • Revised and improved algorithm for better audio quality.
    • Reduced screen real-estate.
  • EZQ: First release.

Version 2.0:

  • Module: First release.
  • All plug-ins: Improved internal accuracy.
  • EBU Loudness / EBU Compact:
    • Reduced number of decimals for loudness data to improve readability.
    • Added host play/pause sync button (for hosts that support this function).

Version 1.9:

  • EBULoudness: First release of EBUCompact stereo loudness meter.
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