Waves Q-Clone
Waves Q-Clone

Q-Clone, Other software EQ from Waves.

studio21music 09/09/2005

Waves Q-Clone : studio21music's user review


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There is no simple ... => What WAVES!


I shoot with Nuendo 3.1 on a PC with Athlon 64 3700 +
It works without any problem as elsewhere, this config


So it is really a good idea this plug.
I think many have not understood the principle:
Indeed, there are presets (Custom, I have not even tested, it does not interest me more than that) but the point is that the impulses Qcapture made several times per second the hardware EQ, and after it inserted on our slices the Qclone. And the curve represents one puts qd "capture". when we decided to move to another track, we put "Hold" and EQ is. So for the rest of the tracks.
This is really screwed ... It's expensive to c ... but it is true that one be able to Avalon EQ, Pultec or neve on each track, it's still not bad.
Another view below have said its problems, its a "medium". I do not worry. It's great! At least try, but no matter how (and pi c qd even for those who have the right hard!) Otherwise useless!