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Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware]

    Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware] - pilip's review


    10 SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE 10 OVERALL OPINION Features Roland SH101 Emulation Sound Quality beautiful! I've never seen a vsti sound like that! (Croyez-moi!) biggrin And it is very close to the real SH101 is bluffing! Global Reviews Thi…

  • rgc:audio z3ta+

    rgc:audio z3ta+ - paradies's review


    Easy Installation No worries about changing contolleir noon, or sound card used. no problem in cubase or stand alone. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P4 2.9 1 g mbox mini ram (pc vsti dedicated) Small worries bugg has met are not to charge the vsti…

  • Spectrasonics Atmosphere

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere - paradies's review


    Installation LONG Gnrale correct configuration; you can not resize the window of the plug-in, We can not say that it is a model of stability (relative proteus vx, korg legacy, discovery) Sounds a bit dats and / or seen and reviewed and better. …

  • Korg DS10 Plus

    Korg DS10 Plus - Art60's review


    The US version is marketed by XSEED prvue on 19/01/2010, between $ 27 and $ 34. …

  • Superwave Stylophone [Freeware]

    Superwave Stylophone [Freeware] - pyerbass's review


    espce is a self-extract a zip file would be stupid enough, not worth showing off with a set SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE RAS is a player soundfont sf2 the fiuchier is available, which is good! OVERALL OPINION If I can move my little review of the …

  • SonicProjects stringer

    SonicProjects stringer - Midiknobbox.rebirth's review


    No worries installation. I tried a version dedicated to the V-Machine, but it works very well as a plug-in VST SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Configuration: Intel E6600 with 2GB of RAM. Tried in REAPER Hoontech DSP24 with ADDA2000 Listens HS-80M Y…

  • Zero-G Morphology

    Zero-G Morphology - ortax-creations's review


    Installation is no problem. It is about something very simple: a bank loan sample to be loaded into Kompakt Instrument Reminder on Kompakt: You can apply multiple effects in real time filter, pan / tune / volume envelope (volume, filter and a fre…

  • Tone2 FireBird

    Tone2 FireBird - luchogie's review


    A gust of freshness to the world of VSTis. Unlike most emulators analog sound which is always the same and can be drawn from a musicality that when sounds are drowned in effects, Firebird, he, ringing immediately. The presets are very musical,…

  • Korg DS10 Plus

    Korg DS10 Plus - komak's review


    ATTENTION, I just bought the ds 10 more import and it does not work on European DSi! if not ds lite is very good but you lose the benefits of version "plus" to go well on the possibility of any change in real time mode even song .. legally purc…

  • Fxpansion D-CAM: Synth Squad