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Behringer Tube Overdrive TO100
Behringer Tube Overdrive TO100
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infunity infunity

«  pure classic and versatile tube »

Publié le 10/10/14 à 02:06
So one manageable effect with 3 knob, ultra simple, level, gain and tone.

No editing but personally I f ...

Technology: Analog it seems ...

Connectivity: in / out and 9v AC adapter


primary configuration 3 knobs.

the manual ... rather ideas settings have been nice (as in boss what ...)
But hey it is poised for such pedal.



overdrive light of the "powerful" pure and classic tube and realistic.


Purchased in March, I was looking for an overdrive pedal to pair it with a boost (actually a Screamer) for a widely versatile tube sound, from classic rock to heavy rock limit ... (I do not think metal, or an active micro-type EMG) I like too !!

At the base of my pedalboard, I had a top-end distortion pedal, an AMT B1, very versatile, but actually operated at 20% ... (because need to bend down every time to adjust according to the song) blow to the resale price in secondhand I took my TO100 TO800 and the good shielded cable and the report became perfect.
I have a sound tube that responds well to my microphones (L500 and Humb lipstick) and a rhythmic sound of thunder !! 10.09
I'm in seventh heaven !!!
Yes with experience because being creative leisure, Berhinger it rocks for a bargain ANY competition !! Like 9/10

PS: good fix pedals and press frankly without jumping in with both feet above, I have NEVER had a problem with Berhinger