Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive

OVD-302 Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Belcat.

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black birdins 08/21/2012

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive : black birdins's user review

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This pedal has only one overdrive, an input and output jack, plug it plays nothing more simple pedal is strong enough it can be used with 9v batteries or plugged!


configuration and very simple: 3 buttons, "tone" "drive" and "level" to adjust as you see fit in order to obtain a sound near your espérences! and a button to activate and deactivate the overdrive.


overdrive sounds good, the high strings resonate in a little shrill if the volume is too high. overdrive is good however and once properly adjusted the sound it makes is very pleasant to the ear. I use a jet lâg that fits well with this pedal!


this is a bit more than a year before I use it to acquire I owned a zoom g2 value for price is right or good (you can not ask for more) this is not a choice I would do ..