Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive

OVD-302 Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Belcat.

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Da Mool 03/15/2013

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive : Da Mool's user review

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Overdrive / tube screamer with normal controls level / drive / tone, power battery or mains transformer-type boss standard.


Simple as any OD is a little of what we can expect from this type of product


My perspective was the use of a single boost with correct cab mesa correct, I was actually looking for other pedals green (...) but this one really happened to me in the nose and so I bought secondhand.
Mainly to boost a Gibson LP and an Ibanez Apex 2, in a big hair rock / metal.
The drive goes far enough-for-OD, but lacks finesse. Well, it may not be dramatic anyway, OD is very useful but ...
Boost in the "compression" and / or "equalization" it provides is not the most elegant but they are not horrible. The attacks are not really his class and the shot is a bit clumsy and lack of discretion afforded transformation.
Attention if I give this advice, it is because I've owned the same time, then a Maxxon OD808 then a TS9. So I of course could compare.
In particular, I kept Maxon (...) is significantly higher: more frank and incisive attacks in boost, the drive is much more class. You tell me recess, ets not the same price but it is justified .. laaaaargement
In short, the Belcat is a good pedal for the price though, it helps to have a correct OD and also correct a job boost for qqu'un who has not the means, but it is even better when expect to be able to pay a TS or Maxxon ..


Green pedal ... but the clothes do not make the man

I would do this choice, of course not, do not like me who have bought and sold secondhand shortly after (6 months). Expect to pay you a "real" ....

The report quality price is right and it is not a bad OD but it is clearly not one OD808 or TS9 who neither yet the same job! And here it is not a matter of taste I think honestly, I do not have shares in or Ibanez Maxxon.

Even if the chipset thing dedant owl ears do not deceive though.
I said to the context that I am among other guitarist amateur for 24 years.