Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive

OVD-302 Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Belcat.

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Power Bibi 03/29/2010

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive : Power Bibi's user review


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Everything is said in the previous review!




For those seeking an OD pedal to play blues, rock, vintage coughed a little, it's great.

Say easily found sounds to Hendrix, the Who, and co.

That said, we must pay attention to the microphones that are used with.
With guitars that I use the +, a Custom77 and Epi SG, no need to touch the knobs on the pedal. Any sounds for me. on the other hand, on my Gibson Flying V Faded (500T and 496R) and an LTD with EMG HZ, I find its really not great, better use a distortion to have a proper saturation.



Frankly, I bought it like to see here ... Like many of my other pedals ...
But if I had to keep one, it would be this, without a doubt.

Its main drawback is its cons by switch activation. Over time it becomes loose and the engagement of the effect is no longer optimum.

Occasionally reached by a syndrome of GAS, I am often asked to replace this pedal with a more classy shall we say ... For the moment, not the leap ... Too afraid to be disappointed.