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Catalinbread Formula No. 5
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Phane Phane

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Publié le 03/10/11 à 05:35
This is an analog pedal based JFETs. It is supposed to emulate the sound of the saturation of a vintage Fender amp with a very accurate model (see on the site Catalinbread for more information about it). Be powered from 9 to 18VDC with a battery or an external connector to the standard Boss, true bypass switch, Input, Output, well, you do not need a drawing? ...


Config standard three knobs: - Volume: rather as explicit identification, is not it? - Gain: do not rise very high, but enough to get a good old-saturation. The gain at least offer a small saturation already, no way to play it in pure clean. - Tone: usable over the entire range of adjustment allows for different voicings all usable. There is great interaction between the three knobs (notably Gain and Tone), which complies with the general operation of a tube amp. But it takes a little more time adjusting since it does not hesitate to pass from one to the other three knobs. The advantage of presenting several sweet spots interressants.


The particularity of this pedal is to react as an amplifier, while maintaining the sound of the guitar. Well, everyone knows that the saturation of a Fender is not very precise, well here it is served, it throws up (in a good sense), it dribbles into the bass, it just eats the attack in short, a very natural sound, but very typical. So, I prefer single coils with (who said Fender?). The pedal is very dynamic, it responds well to the attack and volume of the guitar. Supplied with 18V, the sound is less compressed and lose sustain. Then it sounds more natural, but to my ears, it loses some of its originality. There's maybe a compromise to be found in 15 or 12 ... It can be a boost overdrive or clean boost, I recommend this case to adjust the gain of the rather low if it fuzz and compresses it in a way not very pleasant. I do not find it very effective boost. It works, but there are much better pedal for that.


Pedal rather typed, which provides a grain of saturation not common. Finally I say this because I see around me that we are very likely to favor a Marshall sound when it comes to saturation. I recommend it to anyone looking for vintage sounds instead. Lovers of all kinds of overdrive, try this, it is part of the pedals that are worth listening to. I recommend to fans of modern sound and accurate (I do not even talk about Metal ...). Yo!
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