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Catalinbread Formula No. 5
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boobyz boobyz

«  Fat and Creamy »

Publié le 05/20/11 à 23:49
Formula 5 manufactured by Catalinbread (traditional way), is a pedal-type JFET emulation tweed Fender amp.
In my opinion, no pedals, whatever the technology, can not "emulate" the sound of a tube amp ...
However, we can say without hesitation that the products Catalinbread go a little further than the classic overdrive TS (op amp)
The case is really very cool, great look, nice finish.
When you open the box, electronics seems fragile, it's not worth the circuits Fulltone, master strength.
For audio, see below.


The purpose of this pedal is to have sound without acute aggressive and sharp, a fat and slightly fuzzy (it's lightweight), with a thickness and a grain exceptional.
Like the BJF Baby Blue, she has a "sweet spot" which is enlightening, a pure delight!
You can vary the settings, but it always comes back to sweet spot, because that is where the magic happens.
The sound is both solar and thick, it sewn treble frequencies and can play the micro bridge with the open tone without the ear bleeding.
In boost, actually (you re right dear Phane), it really is not terrible (flight background has zero gain)
I have the same problems with my Baby Blue, we must be content with the sweet spot.
Sound on the other hand (compared to other overdrive pedals) seems very "light" and is in the spirit of the old fender.
Anyway, it's really fun to play for one who liked her thick, soft texture and smoothness with a hint of fuzz (in the spirit Eric Johnson)
It responds well to my expectations and the evolution of my ear "overdrivée"


Level emulation, DLS really impressed me!
The surprise effect is smaller because it is expected to better with Catalinbread.
This pedal is very "typed" is clear, he must love this kind of sound (which is my case).
It is not very versatile, it does not boost, but it has a remarkable grain, which is quite addictive.
It is to say, I prefer even to DLS I find a bit bright for my tired old ears (rocked too close to the Marshall cabinet)
Try before you buy it anyway.
The samples on the site are tempting, but it means what happens on your gear, there may be surprises.
Great product overall, sorry!


The value for money (by ordering on the site), is remarkable.
It is typed as OCD V4, she did not have the same flexibility, but it need not blush before.
The grain is very subtle for a pedal, and it's really fun to play with.
Do not plan to leave it connected all the time (what I do with DLS), but for fine theatrics, this is the pedal you need.
It is in my top 5.
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