General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone

TS 808 Tube screamer clone, Overdrive pedal from General Guitar Gadgets.

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LDpicker 03/01/2009

General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone : LDpicker's user review


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T says it all!
Several amendments are proposed: I have a personal TL072, I put the two modes of cliping (diffrent diodes) and bass boost.


A simple config with the modifications it fits many guitars, amps and situations


Both of my config: telecaster lite ash + Blues Junior or half body Ibanez + BJ
in both cases is obtained from trs good sound: from blues to rock see rock trs bridge pickup with the lite ash

the bass boost and a rel more to give more consistency to her, the choice of diodes for saturation and trs well.


I use it for the past 1.5 years etj'en trs'm happy. I damaged the original OP Amp (JRC 4558) and I put what I had on hand (a TL072). In my opinion your exact rock is much (more gain) but I notice when I complterai recommends JRC.

This is a good DIY pedals on the report quality unbeatable price with the added bonus of allowing mods to understand how to work as an OD (and a soldering iron!)

I tried a TS9 course (and overpriced), I find that the sound is at least as Russian and more we have a little more room to tweak.