General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone

TS 808 Tube screamer clone, Overdrive pedal from General Guitar Gadgets.

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victhebig 11/04/2009

General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone : victhebig's user review


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Tubescreamer overdrive in much better than the reissues!
True bypass millennium: no signal loss, the lowest noise possible!


For use with guitar or bass (with the switch that AMZ enlve a capacity of the circuit - the 473).

Switch LED: LED, clean, for my part 3 Germanium and Silicon 1n1914 classic symmetrical.
AMZ Switch: Bass Boost; Switch clean (no diode), 3 Ge diodes, 2 silicon

My changes according to the site of GGG: TS 808 / / ITS8 (both Resistors SPECIFICATIONS who diffrencient the TS 9), store expensive mods (replaced by 51k 10k 4k7 replaced by 1k, 224 Tage in tone replaced by 184, I left the 473 in place without replacing the 104), 3 and Ge 2 Si diodes, AMZ fat boost mod

NOTE *** November 2009: the pedals again, with no changes except the switch diodes (If 3 or 2 Si). GENIALEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Today I realize that it fully respects the grain of the guitar, yes, PERFECTLY! Complment is the perfect boost precisely because it does not change the dynamics of origin (and m me so well it compresses the signal seems homogne between chords and solos).


Overdrive, boost, bass compressor if necessary, has virtually ALL


Built for 5 months, I use every day
a lamp with a dj pramp rrronrrrronnnnnnnnnnnnn
I prfre the two silicon diodes in non-boostgt;> Guitar
Bass boost mode of Ge diodes and 3>>> low (a crumbling the windows!)