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Audiofanzine FR 11/04/2008

Klon Centaur : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Bacbacou/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Fat booster and light overdrive with three controls: input gain, tone and volume (output gain). It's simple and effective and all within an indestructible aluminum housing. The power supply comes from either a 9-volt battery or an external PSU.


It cannot be easier to use: only three controls for all sounds from booster to overdrive. Plug your guitar into the input connector, your (tube!!!) amp into the output jack and that's it.


And then... it's just incredible!

First point: Even bypassed, the pedal enhances the sound!!! It is equipped with a buffer which regulates the impedance and provides clarity to the sound. And the more you daisy chain pedals the more this enhancement becomes audible!

Second point: Turn it on...

As a booster, this pedal gives some incredible presence and fluidity to the tone although it's so transparent that you'll totally forget about it!

You'll cut through the mix without increasing the volume!!!

With a bit more drive, it leads the amp to produce crunch sounds in a natural way which I've never heard before... and I still haven't heard anything better!

Third point: Overdrive

Increasing the gain of the pedal will overdrive your amp in a very natural and transparent way producing a light and warm saturation.

The more you increase the gain (fat overdrive and even distortion) the more compressed the sound. It's a matter of taste... This clearly goes to show the unit's limitations: it's not an overdirve/distortion pedal.


I have tried all kinds of pedals from low-range Boss to Fulltone (much more professional) but the Klon took me to a new dimension...

No other non-boutique pedal I've tried can even come close to it.

But when you use it as a plain overdrive you'll notice its limitations: the unit is first and foremost a booster pedal. It's THE best fat booster ever.

The fact that they are hand-made by the designer himself and that they aren't manufactured in series increase the price, but when it comes to sound quality... I give it 9/10 because of the price.