Paul Cochrane Timmy V2
Paul Cochrane Timmy V2

Timmy V2, Overdrive pedal from Paul Cochrane.

James... 08/04/2011

Paul Cochrane Timmy V2 : James...'s user review

« The best overdrive I've ever had »

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- Controls for volume, gain, treble, bass
- 3 way clipping toggle
- True bypass
- Powered by 9v battery or boss style adapter
- Handwired by Paul Cochrane
- Top quality parts, components
- Bright LED indicator

The Timmy isn't an insanely popular pedal outside the boutique community, but those who have tried it usually swear by it. Before I got one I was promised the best transparent overdrive pedal money could buy. This was interesting to me because I was tired Tubescreamer style pedals that would turn my sound to mid heavy spikes. I've tried clean boosts as well as a number of "neutral" overdrives and none of them were getting me what I needed from my AC30 hand wired combo. As soon as I switched on the Timmy everything changed. It was truly that "my amp plus more" tone that I was looking for. Tons of pedals claim they can do this but the Timmy does it...really. The controls are simple. Usually you can leave everything on noon and adjust the gain to taste. I have a Friedman Brown Eye which can be bassy at times. I just take the bass knob down on the Timmy and i'm good to go. It's really that simple. The EQ is perfectly responsive. The volume sometimes need to be set a little low to match levels, but that's what it's there for.

I actually own two now I love it so much. One is set with gain at about 3 or 4. The other at noon. Stacked they sound awesome too. The best thing about the Timmy is that you can't tell it's on. It sounds like you're magically adding gain. Theoretically, a clean boost should do this. The Timmy just does is much better. What can I say? I can't give it a 10 because they are hard to get a hold of. There is an 8 month wait and if you want one now you have to find a used pedal and pay the price. It really is worth it though. If I had to dream up an ideal overdrive, it would be the timmy. Cochran builds a quality product...and sturdy too by the way. Never had any issues.