Xotic Effects BB Plus
Xotic Effects BB Plus

BB Plus, Overdrive pedal from Xotic Effects.

syl2412 09/11/2013

Xotic Effects BB Plus : syl2412's user review

«  High quality, good flexibility »

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Boost pedal / distortion
- Two pedals in one
- Channel A = BB Preamp (boost / overdrive)
- Channel B overdrive / distortion
- Chaining channel A-> B or B channel-> A
- Switch True Bypass channel
- Power supply DC 9V (not included) or 9V battery

This is more than just a distortion pedal.

With a 3-band EQ on channel A, I would have put a 10.


The config is relatively simple settings, however, are many.
Although the pedal sounds good from the outset, it must be worth spending a little time to polish your sound, given the amount of possible settings and configuration.

A channel controls: volume, gain, tone and switch "hard / soft"
B channel controls: volume, gain, 3-band EQ and switch "hard / soft"
switch for the channel linking A-> B or B channel-> A

The manual is reduced to its simplest expression (a small piece), with still enough information for the user.


I use this pedal on my Mesa Mark V. It allows me to vary the overdrive available underfoot. What is good in my cover band, for different styles of rock that we address.

Channel A is identical to the BB Preamp except knob "tone" that replaces only the two knobs Bass and treble of the BB Preamp and switch Hard / soft acting on the signal compression and is non-existent in BB Preamp. This is a very typical channel Marshall. For those who prefer the typical sounds Vox AC30, you turn to the Xotic AC Plus.
Channel A can simply be used as a light (or less light) boost to bring out a solo or as an overdrive pedal sharp rhythmic and harmonically rich. The sound is fairly straightforward, full of harmonics, rich in high mids and treble, bass are back (like a Marshall). The grain is remarkable.
This channel can boost a clean or distortion of an amp a little winded or magnify the sound of your amp. It is well suited for tube amps. (I have not tested on transistors)

Channel B has more headroom and can largely leave this sound Marshallian. The 3-band EQ gives more tonal versatility and capability to obtain much richer bass sounds and low mids without losing the sound accurately. It complements very well the channel A. We can get bluesy crunch, distos classic rock, hard rock. It is very effective.

Each potentiometer is significantly on the sound, which find happiness. Why he is welcome to devote a little time.

The combination of the two channels pushes further this pedal for extra gain. The switch A> B / B> A is still more of a perspective versatility.

Each option is to test and adjust to suit your tastes. You just have his fingers and ears work.


In distortion pedals / preamp I already tested:
- Danelectro Black Coffee (cheap)
- Marshall Bluesbreaker (nice but nothing more)
- Boss Metal Zone (effective metal distortion, but that's all)
- Boss OD1 (or two?) (Not bad)
- Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (average, not bad interference / breath)
- A Fuzz Boss (no more)
- Rocktron Silver Dragon, distortion lamp (good aggression but many breath)
- Mesa Boogie V-twin (very nice sound, but little headroom)
- MXR 78 Badass (nice little affordable distortion)
- Various mutli effects Korg (old trick bad distortion), Behringer (good for start) Digitech (average mouais) and Rocktron (it was good for the metal)
- Multi Effects TC Nova System (excellent analog section with OD and distortion)
- Maxon OD 808 (very good but less versatile 100x)
- Ibanez Tube Screamer (as well but with a garish side can be as versatile and least 100x)
- A T Rex (which I do not know) which was very nice too
And some others that are out of my memory

I use it for about 1 month, it is screwed into my pedalboard in a central position, and I think she's going to stay long.
There are excellent distortion pedals / preamp on the market (Fulltone, Maxon, Hughes & Kettner, TC Electronic, Bogner, Blackstar, ...) The BB + is clearly part of, has a more attractive price than the competition sometimes.

It certainly is not given, but it is two pedals in one and it is only € 54 more than the BB Preamp "alone." Given the outstanding facilities offered, the price is not excessive. I'm very happy.

Try it. You might find a sound that suits you.