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RCF PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • RCF SUB 705-AS

    RCF SUB 705-AS - djtoss's review


    How long have you use it? - 2 years in discomobile with 2art 310A, beautiful well-rounded and low art with ca 310 is a very nice sound quality, impeccable. I did not try another model so I can not compare. I remake that choice without hesitatio…

  • RCF ART 310-A

    RCF ART 310-A - " a jewelry"


    How long have you use it? - I use it for 2 years Have you tried many other models before acqurir? yes and the QSC Audio HK What is the particular feature you like best and least? THE +: acute and medium quality sound incredible beautif…

  • RCF ART 725-A

    RCF ART 725-A - " Great"


    My opinion is Modra, because I use these speakers recently, I'm only 2 services with. THE FIRST performance, sound of rock band in a room containing 150 people, good acoustics. Silent sound standard, but I just attnu 5 kHz band of my avalon 747SP…

  • RCF ART 315

    RCF ART 315 - " not bad!"


    I used the last one year, I possde a pair of JBSYSTEMS psx15 also works great for the price what I love most about this weight rcf a handy 4 am! well and even hitting a little too short a powerful speaker that sounds for a night without fatigue …

  • RCF TT25-A

    RCF TT25-A - " Pregnant versatile survitiminé: TOP"


    I have for over a year this summer. I worked with other references, including RCF. I also bought a pair of TTS18 along the TT25. Goodies: - Quality of restitution and fine sound. - The power in dB is really strong (yet high-level, away f…

  • RCF Monitor 5s

    RCF Monitor 5s - " Small but mighty"


    That's two years they serve me, I like their small size. They easily cash in 150 watt (175 watts for data!). Ideal in bars when there are few places. I had used before the MR4 (60 watts), but less punchy. MOST: the size and strength. LEAST: not…

  • RCF HDL 20-A

    RCF HDL 20-A - " availability"


    The models HD 10-HD 22-A & A are now available …

  • RCF ART 715-A

    RCF ART 715-A - " Good choice!"


    Bought recently, I had the opportunity to use it once in two places at the sound totally different. Amplified speakers are easy to implement (20 kg) as well as a box accompanying 4PRO 8003. They are fairly neutral, not aggressive, very nice, althou…

  • RCF ART 905-AS

    RCF ART 905-AS - " Impressive!"


    I used them all summer with GC7 153 (B-String) :-) Ouch ouch ouch! Assets: - GROOOOSSE fishing! - Weight 33 kg amplifier incorporated (to cool the dismantling 5am) - Simple. Minimum: - Lack the wheels gon! And impossible to make or …

  • RCF SUB 718-AS

    RCF SUB 718-AS - " Grave phenomenal"


    I use it for about 7 months for my services in large halls or outside with two heads A 412 Art. Most: Grave spectacular, it sends severe. Settings complete with the cutoff frequency of 80 Hz or 120, the outputs that can be or not to filter an…