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Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951 : Anonymous 's user review


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4-band parametric EQ
Detented knobs, not very solid look, but it works fine for now.
You can see the two tubes. It has 2 buttons to warm up the sound by passing through the tubes.
Bypass on the front panel.


OK, it's easy to use for anyone who has fiddled with a plug-in


I've been into computer music for 10 years and believed in the plug-in revolution, thinking that it was no use to go back to hardware gear...haha. I have all plug-ins there are for mixing and mastering, I looked like a madman for them 24/7.

And then I said to myself: I'm fed up of having a sound that doesn't please me after all these years, despite using all the plug-ins ever conceived. This Behringer was the first I tried, even if 8 years ago I was quite disappointed by the composer pro, which was really not good.

Well, this one is totally different, it's pretty impressive, very, very heavy, it's serious.

And when I tested its sound, well, it sounds better than any of my VST plug-ins
The warming up, which acts as an exciter, is good. But hey, I'm not saying it's awesome but so far I haven't tested anything better.

I have a Yamaha CD player that goes through the t1951 and then into a Bellari tube compressor/limiter.
It's not the best gear and yet they sound better than the plug-ins. Don't ask me why, because I don't know. Maybe it's the 4 tubes? My Bellari doesn't limit enough, but the 1951 does an acceptable job.

The result is that my sound is really louder than with plug-ins (waves ssl, ozone, kaerjus, elephant, etc...) and nicer. I'm not trying to disparage the plug-ins, which I love and are very useful to mix, but in this case, the hardware sounds really well and undeniably better.

I'm eager to have more money and buy more! (especially an Akai dr16 to give my recordings a good punch!)


What I like most:

-The tube stage, which serves as an enhancer
- Ease of use
- The sound is louder, and better than all parametric plug-ins (yes, yes, even better than the Waves lynn)
- German design
What I like least:
- Fragile buttons
- Too sharp at times (must be adjusted)
- It's big (but I love big things!)

¨And to conclude, it's not expensive because it's made in China. However, I can tell you that the Chinese have made lots of progress in the last 10 years, they are awesome in everything, cars, computers, TVs, etc. But I think they are not well paid and that's what makes this baby so cheap. But that doesn't mean that it's not worth more. I hope soon we'll be making cars, computers, TVs and the like again locally, otherwise the future doesn't look very bright for us.