TC Electronic TC 2240
TC Electronic TC 2240

TC 2240, Parametric EQ from TC Electronic.

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Skjold 08/13/2012

TC Electronic TC 2240 : Skjold's user review

« Lovely analog sound »

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The TC Electronic 2240 is basically two TC 1140 units, glued together in a 2U (unit) rack. On the front, you have the input gain, output gain, EQ match gain, bypass switch and the four frequency control sections.
Each frequency band covers a wide range and they overlap each other, so no frequency goes untouchable. Along with controls to select the center frequency, you have the bandwidth (also known as the Q value). The center frequency can be boosted or cut with as much as 20 dB - that's a lot!
Since this is a parametric equalizer, your possibilities are pretty much endless.


The setup of the parametric equalizer is quick and easy. Once you have adjusted the input and output gain, you can go ahead and adjust the frequencies.
The EQ match control has its right when it comes to adjusting the frequencies. In order for the EQ to not stand out to much, you hit the bypass switch on and off, while adjusting the EQ match up or down according to your needs.
If you've made a lot of big cuts with the EQ, then you'l need to boost the signal, with the EQ match and vice versa when you've boosted the equalizer section.


If the analog sound, of old school components and not a digital chip adjusting signals with ones and zeroes, then you've certainly found the right unit.
I use this on my taylor 214e guitar, on vocals on sometimes also on the kick drum, to fatten it up. It really does its job well.


There are not a lot of 2240's left on the market today, but should you be able to get a hold of one, don't let it go. Even if you don't have a use for it, don't throw it out. You'll regret it later on.
The digital domain might be clearer in its signal, and you have better options, when editing and controlling the effects you use on a track (using automation). But you simply can't beat the sound of a good, old, solidt build effect unit like a parametric equalizer.