TC Electronic TC 2240
TC Electronic TC 2240

TC 2240, Parametric EQ from TC Electronic.

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Willty 10/09/2003

TC Electronic TC 2240 : Willty's user review


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Equalizer / prmapli paramtrique 4 Stereo analog tapes no lamp!
2U rack
Frequency Response 10Hz -100 kHz, +0 /-1dB
Dynamic Range> 116 dB (120 dB bypass)

THD <0.015% @ 1kHz, 0dBu

Balanced XLR Input 20 kOhm, max. +22 DBu
Jack 1 MOhm Unbalanced, max. +6 DBu

Output XLR Balanced 50 Ohm, max. 27 dBu
Unbalanced Jack 50 Ohm, max. +21 DBu

5 PPM Peak LED Metering Program

Input Gain 20 dB, 15 dB input Jack

Output Gain 0 dB to mute

Filters Equalizer Boost / Cut 20 dB
Symmetrical boost / cut 0.1 to 2 octave Bandwidth
Range 1: 20 to 2.000 Hz
Range 2: 50 to 5.000 Hz
Range 3: 100 to 10.000 Hz
Range 4: 200 to 20.000 Hz

Power Voltage Selector: 100-120 or 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz IEC connector hands, External Fuseholder

It Lights Up When unit is powered, stronger When equalizer section IS switched on

Input Gain Adjust sensitivity at input by + /-20dB

From Output Level +6 dB to minus infinity

Match EQ Level control of equalized signal

PPM Indicator Indicate Before clipping headroom available

Bypass EQ Equalizer bypass

Center Picks frequency band for correction. Marking in kHz

Bandwidth Controls Affected broadness of band. Scaling in octaves

Boost Function, neutral, cut level control

Indicate overload Overload


Setup is a simple equa paramtrique!


Trs is good in the lower spectrum: low kick, tom, serious guitar. It adds body to the sound, the bass is really awesome! I go into my Alesis D4 trigg my kick, a real massacre!
Not great on the snare drum, cymbals, guitars acute.


I use it for several months. I bought the 300 euros OCCAZ 'is quite expensive but worth it! Not as good an equa lamps, but it suits me perfectly!