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steph.H 12/23/2004

KRK 6000 : steph.H's user review


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I was looking for speakers, preferably passive, very precise and versatile working on compounds for rock / metal and electro. Passive because I already have an amp in class A swinging a lot and having an amp on the speakers (elements not normally vibrate ca transistor + capacitor undergoing changes ... well Blowin 'in the carnage .. .) In short I am not convinced at the speakers or very expensive so vrament> € 2000. I use it in a room of 10 m² home studio use. The amp is a Technics SU V65A Class AA, then transistors that consume consume (consumption of the receiver> 650 Watts / hour for a report of 110 watts to the speakers) but it's a very sweet amp and very good! Hifi wiring standard cable. the KRK: bought for € 350 ocaz, it's worth three times as new!
technically the enclosure is equipped with a 16 in woofer polyglass or I do not know what material, in any case it has fishing and C very natural. The tweeter is an inverted kevlar dome of a "how Focal.


So given the speaker size (very compact anyway, woofer 16 cm), we can not say that Lacourbe frequency is flat, since these speakers are desperately short of bass .... and then fo really turn up the volume to compensate. So let me count my listening test: I bought these speakers in a private home (the sound engineer and Louis Chedid M), very nice type, I love the opportunity as a chance C (oh pun: p) to meet people to discuss the environment, taking advice, etc. ... then I go home my parents, I plug the speakers to an amp Accuphase (good C C are the top real amps, y ' a more difficult) and I test with a dozen discs. The speakers are referring panels electro-acoustic. Well at first I'm destabilized by these speakers: no bass and a little ... stale after 30 seconds, and I'm getting there ... C outright joy these speakers are ventilated in fact, more that all I have heard so far, what's !!!!!!!!! accuracy is incredible! predominantly down because lack of serious medium. For work on the tracks, C instrument that is the most brilliant. Unfortunately the lack of bass up a little behind the bass guitar or bass drums of course (a considered during the mix). In fact the reference speakers are duller but have more serious. How accurate these KRK! the stereo is perfect! C analyzer real time! Dynamics is very good, punchy enclosure stressful 9 / 10 because of serious lack.


I use it recently but I feel that I'm really going to work with a lot of fun. I love these speakers in the high accuracy, dynamics, the stereo, ventilation of the sound, build quality that leaves far, far behind the competitors. I'm not saying I do not like low frequencies y'en ... well not actually but virtually it should be noted that these speakers do not try to make films like 80% of pregnant women who are 'the peter serious' as they are very small ... not these speakers simply do what they can do thanks to their size and do it to perfection! The low frequency that they can reproduce very well and are still not drag. I tried the Genelec 1031 + box and the Alesis Monitor One MK2. Compared to Alesis, nothing to do, the good Alesis monitors are € 350 with the integrated amplifier. There, the KRK normally worth at least € 1200 with a proper amp, we pass the bill to € 1600. but nothing to do, the Alesis nothing in the stomach, are pompous in the low frequency bass ... too ... too ... and then the total imbalance mediums are weird, and C but not great C right price anyway! The Genelec is a little pompous and are good for customers, it throws serious but to make a mix, I find them unbalanced: too serious, medium compacted, acute aggressive (a bit) ...
I listened also monitors Acoustic Research, but also very hard to find and less accurate than Krk. The value for money in time is exceptional. I do it again 25 times this choice without hesitation, thank you again to Patrick for this purchase!