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Passive Monitors user reviews

  • Pmc TB2i

    Pmc TB2i - " Hard to beat"


    This model is identical to the pro monitoring TB2S +, except that they are prettier bcp (wood finish) and the filter is 2 kHz instead of 3 kHz, the tweeter is different but also gives a very very close. Note that this is a fabric dome tweeter, for …

  • Phonic Impression 15 Plus

    Phonic Impression 15 Plus - " Pregnant phonic printing 15 more"


    This speaker is an output of 300 watts RMS, which very well, I used it as the basis for a simple enceintemais now they serve me head for my sub + satellite system and it gives a very good result. They may also rely on feedback and a coating-type carp…

  • JBL Control 1

    JBL Control 1 - " Enough for me"


    Jbl! J tjs have used this brand! The day I had the amp you pair and 400 for € 225 for the home studio with ux2. I will find a via my PC configuration for coupling a sub jbl active SOUNDS 80hz it seems small but it goes al listening ... Good wit…

  • KEF LS50



    Passive 2-way monitors. Studio use only. Monster wired in a standard studio amp (Samson Servo). SOUNDS Wonderful depth! very good stereo image. It is really very low accuracy even in the spectrum. Dynamic truly faultless. OVERALL OPINI…

  • Alesis Monitor One MkII

    Alesis Monitor One MkII - " Q / P unbeatable"


    Passive 2-way: 1 * 13cm + tweeter, bass reflex AR harbor, 120 watts rms announced! ..... A 80/90w max seems more real. hifi speaker more than monitor: response curve V with little mid (1-2k) and bcp 80hz and 10kHz. not really faithful. SOUNDS sou…

  • Yamaha NS-10M

    Yamaha NS-10M - " the reference"


    2-way passive tweeter + 1 * 16cm; close; 60w max. agglo black wooden box; terminals. boomers fragile. SOUNDS fairly neutral, beautiful mid, bandwidth: 100Hz-10kHz (+ /-1db) missing subs and high bright, no need to mix, but sub recommended. if the…

  • Davis Acoustics Nikita

    Davis Acoustics Nikita - " Ultra Dynamic"


    The Nikita versions are a little - lying in the grave as upscale at Davis Acoustics: The Karla (150kg each) but are equipped with the same components. Although the format front view may suggest a bookshelf there is nothing yet. We have a 2-way …

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - " view shared ..."


    I had purchased because they are in most studios, considered classics etc. .. for the monitoring of course .. used with the A100A amp yamaha .. SOUNDS very great lack of bass! good dynamics, good stereo, the sound is very clear in the mids and tr…

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - " terrible"


    everything has already been said SOUNDS very correct when used for what they are doing. OVERALL OPINION extremely surprised negative comments as they are present in all the major studios and pro always used. That is if you look on a monitor y…

  • Alesis Monitor Two

    Alesis Monitor Two - " it works but not yet at the top"


    here I have just bought a pair of monitor two, it is for their aesthetic side and 3-way passive this has pushed my purchase I looked some info on equipment and is as I have found everywhere good comment I started and ultimately "it pushes the broth…