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Passive Monitors user reviews

  • JBL Control 1

    JBL Control 1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by EricMa62/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I used them ten years but they are now broken, the woofer's surround broke (and I believe I'm not the only one with that problem). The sound quality was good and I think it's…

  • Yorkville YSM1P

    Yorkville YSM1P - FP User's review


    Each speaker is biamped (powered), the 6.5inch woofer receiving 85 watts and the 1 inch tweeter 30 watts(115watts total) theres also a 2 inch cylindrical port beneath the woofer for a more open low end. beside the basics, the ysm1p also has a clip/li…

  • Dynaudio BM15

    Dynaudio BM15 - corte's review


    A woofer diameter according to my room and, since I have a good amp, I didn't see the need for an active model. I use them as monitoring speakers for my creations with Ableton Live. SOUNDS Fortunately, the manufacturer includes foams to mute the v…

  • Dynaudio BM15

    Dynaudio BM15 - nando2005's review


    They sound excellent, no issues for mixing. I use them for my professional studio. I use them with a 2 x 100w Rms (JOLIDA) tube amp, excellent,,, SOUNDS Very neutral Excellent, no special remarks Everything is perfect! Wonderful. OVERALL …

  • KRK K-RoK

    KRK K-RoK - dj.fab's review


    When I bought them, I was unsure about this model and the alesis m1, but I chose the krok because they are less flattering than the m1. - I use them for my home studio (electronic music). - 2*80w Audiocentron amp SOUND - They are neutral enou…

Translated user reviews
  • Elipson 1303

    Elipson 1303 - " Unalterable reputation!"


    The motivation? First they line: imposing, robust and proud, it will hang at first sight! Then the technique: 3-way speakers labyrinth. The first non-spherical enclosure with Elipson setting acoustic phase speakers and triple resonator. They con…

  • Yamaha NS-1000M

    Yamaha NS-1000M - " Exceptional clarity and low distortion of the medium" has images


    I just bought them on 11/21/14 near Lyon. SN 17744 L + R. Interested in the famous medium to beryllium dome which I heard on a forum ("best midrange ever" They are very nice -the talk…

  • Yamaha NS-100M

    Yamaha NS-100M - " top notch !!"


    following several listenings to buy monitoring, I stumbled upon this pair of speakers I already knew the NS10M; this one stands out with a much wider bandwidth and more accurate than the NS10. the presence of three speakers is not for nothing. co…

  • Divatech DIVA18

    Divatech DIVA18 - " Comfort and precision"


    I just looked down and opinions here me to have also found down here used. For a slightly more hi-fi but still specific monitoring. Connected to a Harman Kardon Amp. To listen to mixes when it's over. SOUNDS The curve is fairly neutral but …

  • Bose 301 series II

    Bose 301 series II - " Exceptional for their size and age!"


    I grew up with these speakers that my father had even bought him when he was 17, he is now 47 I have recovered and they came to my office (about 20m). They and the amp (Kenwood KA-880D) have a whole lot of hours on the clock and yet the sound is stil…