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Manley Langevin Backbone

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Manley Labs Backbone
News Manley Labs Backbone

Patch Bay from Manley Labs

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Manley Labs has announced the upcoming release of BACKBONE .

Backbone is an insert switch based on custom consoles to help manage the details of analog signal processing chains.

  • 3 inputs, can be both left-right swapped and polarity reversed.
  • Separate left and right, ½ db stepped gold contact rotary switches control input and output gains.
  • 8 insert points engage units or hard-wire bypass them.
  • To prevent compressor surprises, an isolated signal is fed to any device when bypassed.
  • “Sum—Difference” or “mid-side” encoding and decoding for insert 2 & 3.
  • Apparent “width” can be altered with another dedicated ½ db stepped 24-position rotary switch.
  • Further control is provided with the ability to gently mix in a different processed signal.
  • A “Swap” button reverses the order of inserts 4 & 5.
  • A Penny and Giles rotary fader.
  • Over 70 gold contact sealed relays for signal routing, with left and right signals on dedicated separate circuit boards for channel separation.

    TBR in early 2008, 4300 $
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