Hewlett-Packard Elitebook 8470 p
Hewlett-Packard Elitebook 8470 p

Elitebook 8470 p, PC Laptop from Hewlett-Packard.

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the bubble 03/24/2014

Hewlett-Packard Elitebook 8470 p : the bubble's user review


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I just offer me this pc (well my wife pushed me to buy it) to finally have my personal pc to save me and not annoy the family on family pc. over my old laptop (which was based) was doing no more (powerful enough).

Before, I did not have that pc with athlon processor, I mounted my turn myself and my laptop had a spear 64. I had at least 5 pc with this type of process. The elite book has a pentium, already it is more responsive and eat less resources and then I had a (good) big surprise .......

I am a first test this morning his piano / voix......et I take a slap. With my old pc, the sound was tinny, "closed", I tried everything and hacked to fix, nothing to do. With this pc, the sound is open, realistic about my voice and piano music on pregnant ... finally! the difference is amazing. This pc has it all: beautiful, quiet, ultra reliable, fast and outgoing realistic sound! I never thought that part of a pc could play at this point on its ...... oh yes! maybe it's a reason why apple are equipped with pentium ..... but I will not speculate in a vacuum.

Well I must say that initially it was pc hp at 1400 euros (took him a MacBook Pro 13 ') and 1100 euros on various sites. I had a monster bowl having at this price (it was a business control pc 3000 and 50 remained on the back of the seller they offered me this one because it n ' longer had the model I had originally purchased ..... and I'm happy!)

I summarize:

The high-end hardware and more than adequate! I repeat, I never suspected such a difference between the pc. Now excuse me, I taf, I must re-register all my songs .......

unbeatable value for money in my case report, and anyway to buy eyes closed considering the quality § choice I would do ten times again!