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Gloomyseb 08/22/2003

Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 : Gloomyseb's user review


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Purchased in January 2003 after a lengthy read and reread the opinions of this site and compared the equivalent products.

4 I / O jack 6.35
S on a monitor RCA
headphone jack
1 S / PDIF
A set volume of output
Comes with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9

my configuration:
abit motherboard BE7
512 of ram
80GB hard drive
Windows XP Pro
Cubase SX

I put 9sur this point, I have loved I / O XLR


Installation without problème.On branch, we put the drivers, it turns!
A small downside to the manual in English only, but well, frankly I do not know anything about Mao and I hardly needed the manual and illustrated for the most franchouillard of us.
Everything is clear in the control panel.


Until now (6 months) no plants. Drivers who hold the road, apparently not many updates on the site of AARDVARK (1 in 6 months), but why change a winning team, especially the main drivers are provided : ASIO, MME, GSIF.
Level latency in cubase SX around 10 ms, but not down with the sizes of buffers, I have not tested it yet, I'm still on the original settings, which suits me for now.

In enristrement audio, I had fun with 15aine tracks, a few see several effects on each, no problem 44.1Khz/24bits.
converters are very good and the preamps are very good to see good enough. (better than analog table of prehistory)
DSP side, I find the compressor means (not ask the impossible to the digital) and the reverb is correct if we can not afford to 3000F in an analog device.
Anoter that the DSP is in bypass when you are 24/96Khz
routing I / O modular proficient at will
The control panel gives access to a complete mix of inputs, outputs and backs play with and to see clip.
Some will regret the abscence of word clock.


I have now for six months.
I love that simplicity and 1 / 4 of rak external sober and robust quality.
She has everything I wanted without superflux and value for money which I think is good in this range.
Only small shadows in the picture, then, the absence of world clok (which I could not help) and choice of I / O jack only.
I can not make conparatif with other cards, but unless they find me a card with the same characteristics, the same qualitée and a significant price difference I do not change it.