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Aardvark Direct Pro LX6
Aardvark Direct Pro LX6

Thread Strange Aardvark Problem

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1 Strange Aardvark Problem
Yes, I know. Aardvark is Latin for "problem." But I have an old LX6 on one of my computers. Recently, I moved my whole computer setup to another desk, and disconnected all the peripherals, including the LX6. When I started everything up again, here's what I got:

No sound coming out of my breakout box at all. If I switched my audio playback device in Win XP to the onboard sound, I could hear my CD playing through the computer's headphone jack. When I switched to the Aardvark again, I saw some levels on the LX6 Control Panel meter, but nothing on the headphones I plugged into the breakout box. What happened when I unplugged the cables to my computer? Everything was working perfectly before, and I changed no settings anywhere. Needless to say, nothing came out of my monitors either.

I checked the cable. I checked the virtual patch bay. I checked the XP playback volume controls.

I know there's a simple explanation here. Anyone have it?


Paul S.