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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum EX
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum EX

Thread Creative Audigy Platinum EAX - High 'A' note on guitar disappears!!

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1 Creative Audigy Platinum EAX - High 'A' note on guitar disappears!!
Hi all. I have posted this on the newbies forum but had no response. Hope you can aasist.

I have a problem that has been plaguing me for some time. I have a very basic setup: electric guitar into Line 6 podxt, into line-in on my sound card (Ceative Audigy Platinum). For some reason the high 'A' note on my guitar does not pass through to the speakers. Every other note on the guitar can be played and heard clearly but for this note, whether clean or distorted. A bend up from G up to A disappears. 'A' cannot be heard.

However, if I go into the EAX Control Panel and select any 'Audio Effect' (even reselecting 'No Effect') the 'A' note can be heard. Reboot the computer and 'A' disappears again. It's driving me crazy. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled. Same problem. Any ideas. Appreciate your advice.


Something to do with the way you've set up your sound card, most probably. To be honest soundblasters are gaming cards, not really for music, I used to own one many years ago, and recorded on it. It sounded like shit, all the upper frequencies were seriously attenuated.

Have a look at your setup , the sample rate should be at least 44.1khz and then you'll get everything over 10khz cut. If you go up to 48khz sample rate you should get a moderately decent sound. Also check your tone controls (treble) hasn't been turned down.

Check that you have also picked the right environment to playback in, better just turn off all effects in soundblaster. Good luck

Can you hear the guitars 6th string in the Line 6 pod on headphones? that's the first thing you should check. Also check all your plugs are ok by pluggin the line out from your pod into some other peice of audio gear. Just work your way back through the signal line, and you'll find the problem.

Theo C
let's get one thing clear:
Sound Blaster cards are the worst choice for recording. that is a fact.

With that said, your problem might be a phase issue.
do you record in in stereo or mono?

or, your problem might be your sample rate.
at what rate do you track your guitar?
What sound cards are good for recording?
Thanks Theo_C and ra7or,

Sorry it took so long to respond but I have been away. Yes I know that the platinum is just a gaming card. However, it suffices as a basic mixer to play guitar and music files, and learn complex solos using a variety of software tools. I am not doing much in the way of recording. I will try your suggestions this weekend and get back to you. I suspect the EAX module of the software that came with the drivers. I may also try renaming the .exe and see if that works - it may, of course, also screw up my drivers also.

Thanks again.


Hi Theo_C and ra7or.

I'm sampling at 48khz, in stereo and always with no effects on and 100% original signal. I renamed the EAX.exe and rebooted, same problem. Thought about the phase issue, but it also happens when I send a mono signal on one channel. Have also upgraded drivers. No change. AAAAGGGGHHH!!!! Wonder if I've got any legacy drivers....hhmmm. I'll try that next. Screwball computer!

Regards and thanks.