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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum

Thread ARRGH! (Audigy 2 content)

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1 ARRGH! (Audigy 2 content)
Why is the Audigy 2 so sketchy all the time? The ASIO is great for me, no problems there, but even something as simple as plugging in my headset/mic to converse with colleagues in Yahoo Messenger has become impossible.

1. Sound from input being piped back thru monitors. This is really annoying when trying to play directly into the box with my guitar, and downright impossible to do when micing my amp. Sure, I can record without feedback, as long as the monitors are turned off.

2. This one seems to be pretty common. It is almost impossible to route signal paths with the Soundblaster software. For one program, I have to use Aux2/Mic2 to get sound, for another program I need to use wav mix to get a signal. WHY?

3. (Last one I promise) The 1/4" In on the front of the breakout box labeled "Aux2/Mic2". When is it aux2, and when is it Mic2? I usually plug my guitar/amp/whatever into it, and Im rather confused about the knob next to it. In the off position, I can still hear the signal, in the on position, its louder. In both cases, I hear this signal thru my monitors at all times.

Its too late to return it to the store, as you pretty much have to destroy the box/packaging to get to the actual parts. Ive already returned another product in disgust, a Lexicon Omega (no usb 2.0 support? no firewire? wtf?) So for now Im stuck with it. I sure as hell wont be putting in my production machine when it comes time to build one, but for now I need to be able to get work done in order to build said box. I had an easier time plugging into the back of my onboard soundcard via 1/4" to 1/8" adapter direct to my guitar.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Fartknocker at Large.
Hey whats up?
Well I can help with 2 of yer questions.

1. I know exactly what your talking about with the feedback through the monitors. Now, Im not sure what software came with yer A2, most likely the same as mine. Anyways, open up the Creative Volume Control from the task bar. Onthe far right where it says, line in 2 or whatever, change it to "What U Hear". Now, you can either turn it all the way down, or just turn it down a bit. I have mine set at about 30% I've noticed with mine that when I have the volume on "What U Hear" turned down and I have a check in the box that says "Record with Monitoring" I have no problems. Just give it a try.

2. What programs are you speaking of??

3. Aux2/Mic2 means just what it says. It just depends on what you have plugged into it. If you have a mic plugged in, well, read it as Mic2, if you have an auxiliry device plugged in, well, I think you get the picture.

Honestly, there's no need to return it to the store, or throw it out. Just take some time and mess with some of the controls and come on here and ask us some questions if need be. I have an Audigy 2 zs Platinum and I think it's incredible. I record guitar, bass, vocals and drums with it.

Anyways, good luck and let us know how it turns out.



Ive been a bit confused about that record slider on the far right side, I hate it when companies simplify things for the "layman".

As for the Aux2/Mic2, Im really trying to figure out what the knobs purpose is. I mean, I know it acts as a gain knob, but I still get a signal when I turn it all the way to the off (detented) position. Maybe thats when it becomes a line in input and not a mic input. Maybe I answered my own question just now, and maybe Creative needs to put out a better manual with these things lol.

I downloaded the KX mixer drivers, havent played with them yet. Ill post a report when Ive had some time to get comfy with it. It looks promising. My buddy turned me on to it as he has an Audigy as well.

One more quick thing, where do I find the "record without monitoring" checkbox? I tried clicking this box in the windows audio console and it didnt change anything. Thanks for replying!
Hey whats up? Sorry I've taken so long to respond, Im actually getting some serious interest from some people regarding my music.
Anyways, The "Record without Monitoring" can be found by doing this:

Open up the Creative Volume Control by double clicking on the sys tray icon.

On the far right, the record level indicator, right underneath "Rec" click that little arrow. There ya go, you can uncheck the box.