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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro

PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Creative Labs

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Hey everyone whats up?
I just got a quick question for anyone who can help.

Im planning on buying a new sound card. I've decided to go with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 zs Platinum. I've noticed that there is a Platinum Plus model, but I cant find them anywhere around here.
My question is, has anyone had any experience with these sound cards? Im guessing that there's not much difference between the 2. I've checked the specs and I honestly dont see any differences. But of course Im not a sound card guru.
So if anyone out there can offer some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

For what will you use your soundcard?
I will mainly be using it for recording, but I also like the features that come with it, in relation to gaming and watching movies.

I'd watch out on the Audigy - I bought a Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum Pro ZS - it was the 2ms latency which attracted me to this card in the 1st place, and although the MIDI latency is great, I can't get Cubase (or Logic) to register any audio input from the line-ins using the Audigy drivers :x . I have to use either the ASIO Multimedia or Full-Duplex Drivers to record audio, but then the latency of about 75ms becomes apparent again. I've trawled through Creative's support section but they're about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican - I've emailed them & told them that i've already tried updating the drivers (I had to do it manually 'cause their "Autoupdate" function is corrupt on the website :rolleyes: ), so they can't fob me off with that old chestnut. And I'm not the only user with this problem it would seem. It's a good card but this need to keep swapping ASIO drivers during a project is a nightmare & makes it nigh-on impossible to have MIDI playback to sync when trying to record live audio.
M audio pci cards has ZERO latency!!! And delta 10/10 has 10 inputs and 10 outputs! Audigy 2 has only 2 inputs. Delta supports 10* full duplex!
Classy - not that expensive either - what about the DVD/gaming angle?
We are talking here about recordiing sound cards not about gaming soundcards! :?
Manowar you're obviously talking, but not actually listening. He was asking about recording, but also about the DVD & gaming aspect. Scroll up & see for yourself :lol:
Can't speak to the ZX, but I have had a SB Audigy 2 Platinum EX for a while now and it has never failed to impress me.

I have the lastest drivers via the auto-update (european server).

I use it with Cubase SX and Sound Forge 6 with zero problems.

And, just to top it all off, I played Far Cry and Doom 3 through the SB + Creative 6700 speakers without a hiccup. (when using it for music production I re-route the connections to a set of professional monitors)

Summary, if there is anything that is doubtful about the ZX range (though I am not aware of any) then see if you can find the EX somewhere (bound to be cheaper now) and with confidence I can say you will have excellent results.

BTW, as the EX has the separate module for all I/O, I have tested all sorts of connections RCA - S/PDIF - Phono and MIDI IN and OUT with success first time attempted.

I cannot speak too highly of the card and the results at either the software or the hardware level. I cannot be the only person that has had similar experiences or Creative would be out of business pretty quickly in this "dog eat dog" market.

And NO...I do not have ANY affiliation with the company, nor it's subsidiaries. :lol:

Just a happy user.