E-MU Emulator X Studio
E-MU Emulator X Studio

Emulator X Studio, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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TuffTuff 05/07/2005

E-MU Emulator X Studio : TuffTuff's user review


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Is all that is I believe, analogic two sym * 8 Mic 48V, ADAT, SPDIF, MIDI * 2, WClock, SMPTE ...
.... When a 1U full version Audio Dock, 16 * 16/16 * 16 ????????????

I write this after all drivers updater for purchase, and 1.71 it is very stable and open if we know the routing procedures in which there is nothing scary (AthlonXP PC 1GB DDR)

The pramps and ADC have, I think, a beautiful color compar other interface ds mm range and any devices found its place in the routing


No significant dincompatibilit ... 1.71 drivers
I find the Patch Mix, ie the software management, is a good solution, toff by FX ... which obviously limits their number. The ability to save any level of routing,
bus etc ... is a very valuable option for DtDs mix-rec-mix .... expanders with peripheral / external FX units

A power of PDF ncessaire but cest while browsing that we optimize the map with his homestudio


Driver version 1.71 is OK now on the teeth
VST32 Pack ... the problems come with lisa latency load seq / HD / Plugin but everyone has limitations. To audio inputs are available from 0 Latency Monitoring of rigor with FX EMU available, and finally jmarrete often twenty tracks VST / Audio on Bus 4-8


I bought the pack came out in my report and peripherals jrempile direct a version Multi-DSP AudioDock 16 times .... whatever you like. No regrets really, compared qlte unbeatable price
Not to mention, however EmulatorX who asks him a big BCAN fast, I go back