E-MU Emulator X Studio
E-MU Emulator X Studio

Emulator X Studio, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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Willy_77 01/22/2005

E-MU Emulator X Studio : Willy_77's user review


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For CHARACTERISTICS gnrales see the many product descriptions all over the net.

In particular, this edition is the complte m'intresse a preset on a PC screen, with all paramtes available in 2 or 3 pages (as against 50 or 100 in a Sampler Ultra ...),
and the possibility of backup of the whole, in short all the benefits of a PC solution.

The shipping of samples, loops Fast Fashion, stretching, etc., is a joy.
It is easy to use and works great. No more galres on the LCD screen of my
E (Synth Ultra (which I keep for that matter).
I find than moved could have a function "export" to use the presets called in
the Emulator X, samplers hard to "Ultra", the price that we pay them the era, EMU is
thanks all those who pay a sampler hard 10 times more!

Cot is quite resource hungry, and I think difficult to use in another soft simultanbr /> (I did a test with Stylus Rmx, but just a pass ...)
If one pushes the bottom of bte polyphony, I think you have a PC if ddi galre ...

Depending on import for EMU CDs, no need to "convert" utility since it can
CDs go directly to the brand.
Cot Akai, with "Converter", to be sure it works, but preset by preset (I was not able to convert an entire disk !!!???) I do wrong qqchose qqpart ...


No paper manual (except Quick Start and Installation (Summary)!

The PDF manuals are moderately clear.

I feel that if I did not know dja the operation of a sampler, I
struggled in these conditions ...

Cot installation in strict accordance with the instructions to install, no problem, but
1:30 to install even when hard + soft, and sometimes some doubt what was between the notch and
indicated that silent ...
But otherwise, no plantange, install OK the first time! everything is the conflict-free!

I return to edit this notice qq APRS usage time:

The PatchMix book by EMU to set up the docking station and external 8 in / 8 out + mic etc ...
trs is pretty, but lacks a bit of clear explanations ... I do not find in the manual (in PDF print self-same ...)
In short, my problem silent in its combination of several audio apps at the same time the driver called "EMU ASIO" as the only help low latency (5ms with me), but each application on a pair diffrent stro ... requte lgitime?? bin and not much obvious as it is the galre.

It did not go as has, and even when I have to spend a whole Saturday galrer, then I found an acceptable solution, dtail on my post:
https://fr.forums.audiofanzine.com/apprendre/mailing_forums/index, idtopic, 102052.html

In short, a do not seem to me that if a normal, and I lower my rating 8 / 10.


The whole is stable cot EMU, for against the ships with Cubase VST is VERY dcevant:
Cubase: crashes, panel dsuet Midi and Audio, VST support trs doubtful

For Emulator X: stable, clean, impressive
ASIO drivers nickel: 5 ms latency on a P4 2Ghz with no problem
irrprochable operation in audio clarity converters
(But large pb config ASIO multi-application, see above)

For cons, I still have not figured out how to get another soft using the same ASIO drivers EMU
(In directX ok, but the latency is standard)
When choosing EMU ASIO in another app, the Emulator X "loses" its audio outputs ...!!!)
There may be qqchose I did not understand that level, finally j'espre!
Note: See above, but what is finally rgl galre ...

Even when I put 8 / 10 for EMU, but would plutt 0 / 10 to Steinberg:
Cubase VST Technology = Very Shit ...


I've had one week so I do not ncessaire hindsight.
I am still the Discoveries of the product
but I could dja CRER qq spciaux presets that I could not do (or not the heart)
Esynth on Ultra ... (8 x64 LCD!)
Cot sound quality I'm still stunned, it's almost the level of my hardware hardware
(Esynth and VS2480).
Everything on the PC, and that price is just incredible!
(You just put some hands in the cambuoi for everything ... ASIO)