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Echo Gina3G
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Jim92 12/22/2004

Echo Gina3G : Jim92's user review


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Systm + PCI-X External Casing.
2 universal inputs mic / guitar / line: dynamic range of 110dB.
VU meters.
Potentiomtres rotary.
Fantme power.
6 symtrique output format Jack 6.35: dynamic range of 114dB.
+4 DBu /-10dBV nominal Levels.
I / O S / PDIF (coaxial & optical) at 24-bit/96kHz.
MIDI in / out.
Stereo headphone output with volume knob of rglage.
Sync via S / PDIF, ADAT, or MTC.
Support 10 input channels and 14 output channels.
Aluminum Casing.
Cable 8 'PC connection.
Software console for monitoring and SETTING THE card.
ASIO 2.0, GSIF 2.0, WDM, CoreAudio & CoreMIDI.
Management of surround sound in 5.1 & 7.1, compatible with the standards AC3, DTS, & WMA9 output through S / PDIF.
Technology SuperChannel to share I / O between multiple applications.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Sound card used for recording guitars and vocals as well as by VSTI midi keyboard.
My config: AMD 1.3 G, 512 MB RAM, 2 40GB IDE drives 80 and all under Windows XP.

CHARACTERISTICS The rev of the card are good for my use (nothing to do with my card prcdednte Guillemot Isis)


Installation nickel chrome. In 5 minutes, PCI card, cable, drivers and limp taient install.
We had to pass a little more time on the paramtrage outputs.

No incompatibility with PCI or my other cards!


Echo trs drivers are stable.

I mainly use Cubase VST32, Wavelab, Soundforge, sometimes Acid Pro and Cool Edit Pro.
All these people mean well trs.
At latency (trs trs important for the CONTRL VSTI). We go down easily below the threshold of 10ms (depending on the adjustment of the size of your buffer!)


I have this card for the past two months. All except for me may be the case of qualitfinition (potentiomtres plastic rubbing lgrement, not much access to the headphone volume knob once the headphones plugged . The nitre seen can help if you have nothing more. Echo could add 1 or 2 LEDs!)

Despite this, if c'tati again, I would reiterate this card!