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PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from ESI

Thread ESI and Nvidia nForce4 Ultra chipset

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1 ESI and Nvidia nForce4 Ultra chipset
I am looking into purchasing a Esi ESP 1010 soundcard and I am also looking for Building up a PC system...

I have concluded into the characteristics below:

Mainboards » Socket 939 (AMD) » nVidia » NVIDIA® nForce4 Ultra » K8N Neo4 Platinum

See info at msi.computer.co.uk

with an AMD 64 3500+

The problem is that I have found out that ESI has the most incompatability issues of all the known audio cards.. and thus I am comprehending any detail that has to do with my purchase...

Is ESI 64bit compatible, does anyone operates ESI products with AMD 64 in 939 socket with nvidia nforce4 Ultra chipset...

Are there any other issues that I must be aware of before I move into the final Purchase....

Thanx in Advance
I think you mean Emu DAS 1010.

I own the 1820m with EmulatorX and have successfully paired it with an MSI Nforce2 mobo. Both are working in blissful harmony although I'm notorious for really pushing my cpu's performance by loading a lot of fx and synths. Either way, I've learned to live with the limitations of my system.

As for your nforce4 mobo, you will find a lot of success stories at www.emuforum.info where I am also a regular member. There is a member there named Guitar23 who uses an MSI A8N (sic) Neo 4 Platinum and he has no probs at all.

With most forums, you will always find the occasional disgruntled ex-user who has never cracked open the manual to make his Emu work properly. This is not a soundblaster that you can pop into any open pci slot and have it work flawlessly. It's true there are other cards out there that work fine out of the box, but they don't have the Emu's converters.

Hope this helps!
Boy is my face red! :oops:

I thought you were refering to the Emu card but as it happens, Egosys was using a similar name for their card. My bad! Didn't make the connection until I saw a small ad in Keyboard! :shock:

Again, sorry!