ESI ESP1010e
ESI ESP1010e
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Pierre.Moustache 10/30/2013

ESI ESP1010e : Pierre.Moustache's user review

«  Satisfied for 2 years »

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8 in 8 outs for a card rack, it is still not bad ... This is what motivated me first. In addition to the preamp inputs are for connecting microphones and guitar directly without pretreatment of the signal.


I use it to record vocals and guitar, mainly Ableton Live.
With my 2600K overclocked to 4.2 GHz and 8GB of RAM good, I set the latency to 128 samples and 48000Hz, and I get 2.67 ms input and output, with compensation, to live, it makes me less than 12ms. But I can go down to 64 samples but with a few clicks in multitrack recording.


I had some problems at the beginning (BSOD, freezes, PC who do not want to go out ...) and I tore his hair, I cursed ESI drivers make rotten. And one day I had the idea to change PCIe port, and since no worries. I am under 7 64bit.


I use it for 2 years now, and I'm happy.
Before, I had an Alesis IO2, now I can let my two guitars and two mics connected permanently. It is still more convenient.
For a musician who broke n can help to play for a little more than 100 bullets, it's still damn good.