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berny83 11/22/2004

ESI PACK WAVETERMINAL 192M MIDI : berny83's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- Multi-track Audio-Numrique (Cubase) on PC and therefore low latency ASIO.
- Audio recording guitar / voice:
* I / O ANALOG: Stereo 2-way or two mono channels or 1 channel 1 channel mono + Stereo.
8 channel mono output -> up to 4 channels Stereo.
- MIDI control of a chain of equipment.
- SPDIF input for recording synth SBLive card.

CHARACTERISTICS to me the most are:
- ASIO2. Zero latency direct monitoring, ~ 1 5 ms insert.
- 24/96kHz in analog acquisition. (With 24/192kHz internally eg. For virtual sampler)
- The number of I / O analog.
- The external box to connect the I / O analog.
- The user-reviews.
- Price

Used on a PC Athlon XP 2200 + @ 2025MHz / KOBIAN FDSX motherboard (VIA KT266A) / 512 MB of PC3200 DRAM / HDD 120GB WD1200JB, in conjunction with a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Digital to SoundFonts.
The card is connected to the SBLive card Waveterminal 192M by SPDIF 48kHz.
The case of I / O to connect instruments or through a mixer Yamaha MG10 / 2 (eg microphones singing.) Either directly via a pramp. (POD2 guitar pax ex.). Its outputs are sent to the mixer.


No problem for installation.
No problem for driver updates. EgoSys support seems pretty dynamic to change the driver and console DirectWIRE although no problem being deferred.
No bp of incompatibility with the SB Live, which can continue to use it for soundfonts.
The only problem is the potential of this card and the number of I / O grate.
The manual is clear and prcis.


I had no pb with all the drivers I used.
The update of drivers is impressive plutt: 4 in 3 months. For once, we may even wonder whether a worth to install updates every day.
I use it with Steinberg Nuendo 2, and most of my compositions, I use an ASIO latency of 2.33 ms, rve! I just say on this subject that I had to optimize my PC and XP with onions because of the VIA chipset seems to get that comfort and I can not go below in terms of latency without risk of cracking / pop / ... on the other hand, it seems that on non VIA chipsets on mainly P4, the latency can be lowered without the ms problem in common use.
Next time I will forget but not VIA ESI.
Typically, my songs are like this: 2 or 3 tracks guitars, a bass track, a drum track, 2 or 3 synth tracks, 1 or 2 tracks voice and I get a voice recording mono + 1 Guitar / str POD o simultaneously with playback of other tracks. Everything has a latency of 2.3 ms of audio. The rve simply!
Too bad we can not use a DSP to add effects in real time as with the SBLive (Kx driver) or the EMU-0404.


Having previously hacked a lot with my SBLive and Kx drivers for ~ 2 years, I use the Waveterminal for 3 months and has changed my life. Kx drivers can dj to a lot of things with a simple but dsormais Sb Live with Waterminal, stability performance and especially the quality of the recording are waiting for you, and connectivity !
Only BMOL precisely in asymmetric connectivity. A small effort to put everything in symmetric t would be more reassuring to the client about the quality of this product indniable.
Trs qualitprix good value but prices are lower for all manufacturers with the new cards arrive EMU-0404, ESI Juli ... What is true today may not be may be more tomorrow.
Purchased shop in Toulouse Midi Music (31) for 270? (Pack Midi MDDIO and software) in 09/2004.